Here at Cleanweb UK, we’ve had quite a year. In London, we’ve run a great event every month, on topics as diverse as gaming and finance, and membership has almost reached 600. We’ve got a new group off the ground in Scotland, which has met a few times and had a successful collaboration with Startup Weekend.

Now, the end of the year is coming around, and so it’s time for something a bit special to celebrate such a great year!

Lightning Talks

Because of all of that, Cleanweb London in December will be a celebration of our brilliant community; we’ll be holding a lightning talks evening, and we want to hear from YOU. What’s your big idea? How are you going to change the world? Whether it’s something you’ve already done, something you want to make, or a way in which you’re doing things differently, we want you to come along and inspire your community.

We’re after 10 lightning talks, 5 minutes each maximum, and if you’ve never spoken in front of people before, don’t be scared - lightning talks are a great way into doing it. It doesn’t have to be technical, but if it’s about sustainability on the web, we want to hear about it!

Cleanweb London is on 16th December (only two weeks away), so if you fancy speaking, get in touch via email or Twitter.

Of course, the event would be nothing without the audience, and we want it to be a big one, so go and sign up on the Meetup page right now and we’ll see you there!


We’re also looking for sponsors for the event to make it a bit more special, so if your company is interested in supporting our fantastic community, please get in touch.