What would you build if you had access to all the UK’s weather historical weather data?

The Open Data User Group are currently building a case for getting the Met Office to open up all their historical weather data for anyone to use, but they need your help! Because opening this up will cost money, they need to get an idea of what people will use it for.

As Cleanweb UK, we wholeheartedly support the release of this information. We can see a number of interesting ways in which it could be used:

  • Enabling analysis of energy use patterns: Developers could prove the increase in efficiency of homes after insulation by looking at energy use before and after; weather information is an essential part of this.

  • Visualising our changing climate: The UK’s weather is getting stranger, or so it seems. With access to actual data, developers could make this visible to the public in a variety of ways.

  • Small-scale renewable planning: With access to more detailed data around wind patterns and sun exposure, applications could help people interested in microgeneration to predict future performance more accurately.

We’re sure there are many other ideas out there in the cleanweb community. If you would like to add your name to the call for release of this data, you can do so by commenting on the benefits case on data.gov.uk.